Denis Beaubois, ATM Family Portrait, 1996. Performance.
On the first of July 1996 members of the Beaubois family went to an Automatic teller machine in Sydney’s Kings Cross to obtaim a family portrait from the covert camera located inside the ATM. A transaction was made and the Beaubois family were recorded.
Sylvie Fleury, C’est la Vie!, 1990. Shopping bags; dimensions variable.
Gabriel Kuri, Thank You Clouds, 2004. Twelve ceiling-mounted 360° pivoting fans with shopping bags; dimensions variable.
Jack Hadley, Rain Garden, 2013. MDF, digitally embroidered faux fur, pine, and brass chain; 300 × 250 mm.
Elad Lassry, Martian, 2012. C-print in painted frame; 36.8 × 29.2 × 3.8 cm.

internal conflict